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LOS ANGELES -- NBA star Derrick Rose testified Friday in a lawsuit accusing him and two friends of raping his ex-girlfriend, saying he interpreted a text message from the woman as consent to have sex with her later that night. Saucony Shadow Original Italia .Their text message exchange in August 2013 started with a text from the woman to Rose, saying he was the reason she wakes up horny. She included a photo of herself in her nightshirt and continued the exchange with other texts about sex throughout the day.Rose said Friday he surmised that the initial text had triggered consent from that point on, and said his assumption was reinforced by their sexual history, sex acts she engaged in with him and one of his friends that night at his house, and an invitation hours later to her apartment.I was assuming that all of us going over there that she wanted to have sex with all of us, Rose testified.His description of the incident differed dramatically from the womans testimony, which lasted a day and a half in Los Angeles federal court.The 30-year-old woman denied having sex earlier in the evening at Roses Beverly Hills mansion, although she also said she blacked out and could only piece together the evening through short flashes of memory and by reviewing a flurry of text messages she was able to send despite being drunk and possibly drugged.At the end of Fridays testimony, Roses lawyer asked the judge to declare a mistrial because of a profane text message that he said the womans lawyers had failed to reveal until Friday.The judge said he would take up the issue Tuesday morning before the Knicks point guard is scheduled to resume testimony. The judge ordered Rose to return to the stand even if it means missing a preseason game the night before in New York.Rose, 28, was called to the stand by the plaintiffs lawyer on Friday as a hostile witness to help make the plaintiffs case that the woman never gave consent to have sex with him and his longtime friends and assistants, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen.Consent is the main issue for the jury of six women and two men. The defendants, all friends since their adolescence in Chicago, have denied the allegations and said the woman consented.ESPN is not naming the woman because it generally does not identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault.Rose said the only time the woman said, Stop, was after she let the three men into her apartment and they all headed for the bedroom together.She told us, One at a time, Rose testified. He said that he and Hampton waited on the sofa while Allen was in the bedroom.The woman testified she never let the men into her place and remembers waking to see them all in her bedroom. She recalled Allen on top of her at one point and, at another, Rose pulling her to the side of the bed as she tried to roll off.Rose said he never received any text message from the woman telling him she wanted to have sex with him and the two others. He said he assumed consent from what had transpired previously and the fact that she had never told him no.In my mind, she consented every time we had sex. Why wouldnt she do it that time? he said.The plaintiffs attorney, Waukeen McCoy, suggested Rose had no remorse about the night in question.Im sensitive to it, Rose replied, but added, I feel I didnt do anything wrong.Rose hadnt seen the woman since breaking up months earlier but invited her over for drinks that night. She came with a friend, and after a shot or two of tequila, she became sexually aggressive, which turned him off, Rose said.Rose retreated to his room, where he rebuffed further advances until a friend removed her from the room, he testified.About 20 minutes later, he said, he walked outside and saw Hampton having sex with her by the side of the pool, and she pulled Rose over to join them, although he broke away and returned to his room.Rose said the woman was acting a bit abnormally but he didnt think she was drunk.Rose said he once had feelings for the woman and thought they had a bond. He was once asked whether he thought she was after his money.Not at that time, he said Friday.Defense lawyers have suggested the woman sued for financial gain. The lawsuit seeks $21.5 million.The woman denied she was motivated by money in filing the suit, saying: I didnt wish him any harm; I wanted him to be accountable.The woman didnt report the incident to police until she filed suit more than two years later. Los Angeles police still have an open investigation.Also Friday, Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek said he is unsure whether Rose will play in Saturdays preseason game against the Brooklyn Nets.Hornacek said the decision about whether Rose plays will be Roses. The Knicks have home games against the Nets on Saturday and the Washington Wizards on Monday.He has to take care of his business. If hes got to stay there and get it done, go through that process, and then come back and be focused on basketball, its up to him, Hornacek said. Were allowing him to take care of that. And when he comes back, well be ready.Hornacek acknowledged that not having Rose around the team might affect his ability to learn the Knicks new offense. He said Rose is missing the aspects of the offense that coaches have installed the past two days.He understands the game, so he should be picking it up pretty quickly, Hornacek said.ESPNs Ian Begley and The Associated Press contributed to this report. Saucony Shadow 5000 Prezzo . -- Kyrie Irvings last-minute 3-pointer helped seal another victory for Cleveland -- and the Cavaliers longest winning streak since LeBron James left. Saucony Jazz Original Blu . Jordan Lynch, the all-purpose Heisman Trophy finalist from Northern Illinois, failed to make it into that exclusive club. . Giroud, who wasnt in the starting lineup for two matches after allegations about his private life and a decline in form, scored twice in the first half. Tomas Rosickys chip made it 3-0 before half time at Emirates Stadium, while defender Laurent Koscielny scored an unmarked header in the second half. The?New York Knicks?open their season Tuesday night, and all eyes will be on point guard?Derrick Rose. Less than a week after a jury in a civil suit found him and his friends not liable for gang rape, fans and media can now look upon the unfamiliar sight of Rose in a Knicks?jersey?free of guilt.That seems to be the biggest takeaway from the publics reaction to the verdict: relief that we can all go back to talking about basketball -- that we can go back to worrying about Roses health instead of his legal status.And as a lifelong Knicks fan, that just doesnt sit well with me.The first thing that always happens when an athlete is cleared of these types of accusations is for people to take a verdict as a definite statement on guilt or innocence. To be clear: The jurys decision simply means that its members found Rose to be more credible than his accuser. As rape cases tend to go, the truth of what happened on the night in question is likely murkier.Legal experts doubt that criminal charges will be brought against Rose. But without assigning him guilt -- or proclaiming him completely innocent -- the sheer glee with which many reacted to the decision is rather disturbing. The burden of a long rape case -- in which we learned some unsavory things about the accused -- has been lifted from Rose and many fans, but it still rests on his accuser and some of the more conflicted among the Knicks faithful.We dont know for sure what exactly happened on the night in question. But heres what we do know: This case played out as a textbook example of athlete privilege in the court of public opinion. Everyone seemed to forget about the charges when Rose was traded to the Knicks from the Chicago Bulls. Knicks president Phil Jackson insists he was aware of the case, but last month, he refused to answer questions about just how much the team investigated Rose. He said that he was not concerned with the then-pending trial and stated with erroneous optimism that he didnt anticipate Rose would miss any preseason games.As details of the case trickled out, so too did the proven strategy of discrediting an accuser by dredging up her sexual history. Fans came out in full support of Rose. They didnt want to believe a star player could commit such acts, but they were all too willing to believe the exaggerated notion that women are automatically out to get famous men, and that going to a civil trial -- which carries a lower burden of proof than a criminal one -- signaled a desire for money, not justice. That somehow a seven-figure payout can lift the burden of a rape accusation.Heres another thing we know: Derrick Rose does not understand the concept of consent. That seems to be particularly relevant in a case in which the judge deemed consent to be the central issue. It should be noted that Roses?accuser said?she was unconscious at the time, which would settle the consent question. According to Roses toxicology expert, she had a blood alcohol content level of 0.2, which is 2 1/2 times the legal driving limit. A motion filed by the accuser in August states that she was asleep, evidenced by her repeated failure to respond to texts and calls from Rose and another defendant.As ThinkProgress Lindsay Gibbs reported in September, depositions also show that Rose didnt seem particularly concerned with consent on the night in question. When asked whether he and the two other defendants had discussed sex as the purpose for going to the accusers home, Rose said, No, but we men. You can assume.He went on to clarify: I said we men. You can assume. Like we leaving to go over to someones house at 1:00 [a.m.], theres nothing to talk about.And while Roses attorneys used transcripts of text messages in which the accuser invited Rose to her home that evening as evidennce that she ultimately consented to sex, the plain fact is that any inkling of consent is wholly absent from their conversation that night. Saucony Shadow 6000 Premium. From the deposition:Q: All right. Is there ?--? within what you just reviewed in those text messages, is there anything within them that would lead you to believe that plaintiff wanted to have sex with you and the other two defendants on August 26th, 2013? ...Rose: No.?Furthermore, the accusers attorney read a portion of the deposition to reporters on a teleconference call in September in which Rose clearly states he does not understand consent:Q: Do you have an understanding as to the word consent? Rose: No but can you tell me? Q: I just wanted to know if you had any understanding. Rose: No.Its extremely telling that, despite heightened awareness on sexual violence in the past couple of years, especially in sports, a star athlete still has no idea what consent is -- nor does he seem particularly concerned with needing to know more. Like his fans, Rose just wants to get back to the basketball court.Roses case highlights the need to continue to have these conversations, to make sure men and women alike understand when it is and is not OK to have sex with someone. This isnt just to protect accusers: If athletes see themselves as such targets for gold-diggers and cleat chasers, you would think theyd want to learn more about consent in order to make sure they always have it.It also underscores the importance of continued educational programs for athletes at the high school, college and pro levels.?Detroit Lions?linebacker?DeAndre Levy, maybe the most socially aware athlete out there when it comes to gender issues, credits the NFLs often-mocked awareness program with helping him understand consent and assault. In an essay for the Players Tribune in April, Levy said he has learned so much after having been ignorant of such issues for so many of his formative years.My understanding is that most women have heard the talk about how to avoid becoming a victim, but growing up, I was never involved in a conversation about what consent is. I was never even flat-out told not to rape or sexually assault anyone, he wrote. An athletes sense of entitlement to a womans body is exacerbated because he has been idolized and put on a pedestal in a hyper-masculine culture. Not only am I a man, but I am also a strong and successful man. Why would someone say no? You should all want me.Unfortunately, its not just athletes who have absorbed this mentality -- its the fans, too, as weve seen in the reaction to Roses case. A womans sexuality seems to discredit her right to consent in the eyes of many, while an athletes status only raises his credibility, assigning him the automatic benefit of the doubt. But that collective sigh of relief breathed by Knicks fans after the jury cleared Rose wasnt just about the desire to get back to basketball. It was taken as an implicit affirmation that all these beliefs about athlete targets and women who lie must be true.Its fine to be excited about the NBAs return -- Im looking forward to this season myself. But if you celebrated the Rose decision, youre celebrating a system that you seem to think works in favor of accusers, which is contrary to all the evidence on reporting, prosecution and verdicts. Its also contrary to all the psycho-social implications of sympathy toward famous defendants versus Jane Doe plaintiffs. Thats how we get the utterly bizarre images of jurors posing with Rose and his attorneys after delivering their verdict. Though the trial played out in Los Angeles, they look just as excited as Knicks fans to move on. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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