These gems don’t just boost your damage

These gems don’t just boost your damage per second or attack speeds, but actually define the attacks you can pull off; this could mean a criss-cross double-swipe, a crowd-clearing slash, or some other brutal blow. Other gems act in a supporting role, imbuing your attacks with elemental damage, or increasing the area of cheap exalted orbs effect. Others still act as spells or magical abilities, so that you can, say, summon a totem with a bound guardian monster who’ll batter any enemies in range.

Needless to say, the actual combat is only half the challenge. Sure, Path of Exile throws enemies at you thick and fast, expecting you to hammer away at the face buttons to reduce the rush of monsters to a manageable crawl. However, while there’s some skill in selecting attacks, positioning and crowd control, there’s arguably more in building and tweaking your character and load-out to handle every situation.

This means not just upgrading your buy exalted orbs weapons and optimising gems and sockets, but also using the elaborate passive ability skill tree to create a build that supports your chosen style of play. By here thanks, well done, come on!
on January 12 at 11:00 AM

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