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NASHVILLE, Tenn. Black Friday Raiders Jerseys . -- Cleveland quarterback Cody Kessler stood at the podium talking about the best game of his very short NFL career and started tearing up.Its been an emotional couple of weeks for the rookie.Kesslers younger brother wound up hospitalized with a racing heartbeat days before the quarterback was knocked out of last weeks 33-13 loss to the New England Patriots with an injured chest . Then Kessler learned his great-grandmother had died, a woman he considered a second mother.The third-round pick out of Southern California got a break Sunday on the football field where he threw for a career-high 336 yards in his fourth start, nearly rallying the Browns before losing 28-26 to the Tennessee Titans.Kessler became only the third Browns rookie to throw for at least 300 yards, second only to Brandon Weedens 364 yards passing Dec. 2, 2012, at Oakland.Tennessee sacked Kessler six times and hit him five other times, but Kessler never flinched as he kept trying to rally the winless Browns (0-6).Unless they force me to stay out like they did last week, Im not coming out, Kessler said. It was a little painful, but at the same time you want to do it for the guys as well. Its not for myself, its for the guys around me.Talking to reporters after the game, Kessler said he couldnt come out of a game, not with his brother, Dylan, dealing with a heart condition that hospitalized him before the Patriots game.The condition will keep his brother from playing high school football or much of anything for two months and hell be wearing a heart monitor.Kesslers great-grandmother died a week ago, a woman he was so close with that the quarterback considered her as another mother.Its stuff that you cant control and youve just got to move on, Kessler said as he choked up and then walked out of the interview room.The Browns are off to their worst start since 1999 when they lost their first seven as an expansion franchise. Kessler, their third quarterback to start and among five to play already, gave them a chance late at an improbable rally.He threw two touchdown passes to Terrelle Pryor Sr., the second with 2:07 left, before guiding a nine-play drive for another TD that set up a second onside kick.Hes battling his butt off out there, Browns left tackle Joe Thomas said. There were a couple times where he took some really big hits scrambling on fourth down trying to make plays and youre thinking, `Wow, he wont be able to get up from that, and (he) pops right back up and gets right back in the huddle like nothing happened. And thats really admirable.Kessler had a 105.3 passer rating while driving the Browns on a 75-yard drive and a 62-yard drive to rally Cleveland after trailing 28-13. Kessler also threw incomplete under pressure on a 2-point conversion.Still, Cleveland coach Hue Jackson said the rookie played hard.He gave us a chance to win, to be in the game, Jackson said.Pryor made it clear he loves playing with Kessler and the rookies passion, especially with all the hits the quarterback took.Hes a warrior, Pryor said. Thats what pushes us all. I took a little hit as well and it makes you just keep pushing. He was getting creamed, man, and he just got up and kept fighting. The kid has unbelievable heart. Im a big fan of his.---Online:AP NFL website: and AP NFL Twitter feed: Teresa M. Walker at Cheap Raiders Store . -- For the first time in two months, an opponent was standing up to Alabama. Cheap Raiders Jerseys . General manager Jarmo Kekalainen told Aaron Portzline of The Columbus Dispatch on Friday that he wants to see Gaboriks contributions go beyond the scoresheet before considering a long-term deal for the soon-to-be unrestricted free agent. . Malkin got tangled up with Detroits Luke Glendening early in the third period and his left skate took the brunt of collision with the boards behind Pittsburghs net. The mission was clear: Go to the NBA. Take over. Do so in a way that told the basketball world a new era had arrived.If you were not a part of his inner circle, Allen Iverson didnt give a damn about you. The thing is, he was atypical in that he wanted you to know it, specifically because it was his way of saying he knew you would never give a damn about him anyway, no matter how much you smiled in his face.His talent would make you care.His performance would make you salivate.His achievements would make you kneel.All the way to the Hall of Fame, someday.Iversons story is not foreign, of course. Its similar to that of many players in todays NBA. Most are African-Americans. Most come from impoverished backgrounds. Almost all strive to elevate themselves to a level of greatness that has forced a global audience to pay attention, to emulate, then join.Yet very few have ever impacted basketball like Iverson. No matter how hard they try.I always tell folks I played every game like its my last, Iverson said earlier this week, in advance of his Hall of Fame induction on Friday. And I meant that. But sometimes I dont think people realize what I mean when I say that. Its not just about playing so hard; its why I played so hard. You know what I mean? Its what I wondered would happen to me if I didnt do it.Youve got to know my history and how I truly feel to realize where Im coming from.But few will ever know. No matter how hard they try.During to a career that would culminate with Iverson averaging 26.7 points per game, winning four scoring titles and one MVP -- at 6 feet, 165 pounds -- folks witnessed his heroics but barely knew the intimate challenges he faced.Iverson knew being incarcerated, then granted clemency, wasnt a likable trait for Madison Avenue; that he wasnt the ideal spokesman for the NBA. Iverson knew a visibly polished Kobe Bryant was preferable to the tattoos, cornrows and street persona proudly worn on the sleeves, neck and elsewhere on this former All-American out of Georgetown.But Iverson also knew everyone couldnt be Bryant or Michael Jordan. He knew that if MJ and Kobe -- and no one else -- were the standard, society wouldnt have a true depiction of NBA stars to come.I was 6 feet, so folks could relate to that, he once told me. I was 165 pounds, so folks could relate to that. But I was also someone who wanted to be me, judged for what I do and who I am, instead of what you say Im suppose to be. Its true that some [people] dont want to play the game, but a lot of dudes dont know how to. And even the ones that do, most aint going to be accepted. So what about them?Even today that is still a legitimate question.LeBron James has helped provide answers by showing you he can be a champion, pre-eminent role model and global icon, even if tattoos are draped all over his body. Steph Curry has proven as much, as well, by being a baby-faced, long-range assassin who, at 6-foot-3, looks like a regular dude instead of a Goliath of a man.From Carmelo Anthonny to Chris Paul to Dwyane Wade and beyond, players are speaking not just with their play on the court, but with their willingness to address issues off the court. Wholesale Raiders Jerseys. . And although Iverson is no innovator in that department, his willingness to express himself certainly made it easier for athletes to open up more in a day and age thats demanding it, not asking.What few knew is that Iverson wasnt this way because he couldnt help himself. He was that way because he could be, because he wanted the world to look beyond the veneer, forcing everyone to acknowledge that you didnt have to look, act or Be Like Mike to be immensely popular to basketball and the world.In the midst of all of that, there were personal challenges.There were friends and family who always wanted money and time. There was a loving wife, Tawanna, whom he fully admits he should have appreciated more. There were many days when charity was expected instead of appreciated. There was even a time, according to close confidants, when a member of his inner circle forgot where they parked a Bentley, a ride Iverson had purchased for them, at Philadelphia International Airport -- and instead of continuing to look for it, they simply went to the dealership and bought another one because, well, they could.I didnt know anything about that, Iverson once told me. Maybe because I didnt want to know, honestly!The challenges were relentless. And this was before Twitter, Facebook and the like became so entrenched. But Iverson still marched on.He rose. He fell. He crumbled. Then rose again. Financially. Ethically. Morally at times. Letting critics talk, cynics swell and allowing his life to become far more difficult than it needed to be.There were many occasions when it wasnt even Allen who had done anything, former Sixers president Billy King once told me. It couldve been someone in [Iversons] crew. But it didnt matter. You might as well blame him because the last thing he was going to do was tell on anyone. No matter the reason. Not matter the consequences. Hed take the heat himself for anyone he cared about, and simply say he wasnt perfect.The Answer will tell anyone he was a mess at times. That he couldve been better, but wasnt. But along the way, while talking of his trials and tribulations, hell ask that you remember his triumphs. Hell ask that while saying what you want, dont forget to tell the end of the story.Iverson will ask that you dont omit how he performed under adverse circumstances. How he never cheated fans with his effort, even when tempted to do otherwise. And how, in the end, that is the reason hes so proud hell be in the same building as the all-time greats.Perhaps Iverson gave a damn, after all. He just had to act like he didnt to be considered one of the best ever.Nobody truly knows the road I traveled, he said.Chances are, they will by this weekend. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys ChinaNFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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