These face masks make your hangover invisible

The day after the wild party is horror. Four hours sleep and a nasty hangover - who can, now prefers to stay in bed. If you still have to go under people, because you have a date for a brunch or even have to go to the office, we have the solution: anti-hangover masks .

They contain the concentrated power of all care products and give your pale and tired skin new power and freshness within minutes. Whether sheet mask or the cream variant: By the way, it will be even more pleasant if you keep your Hangover Buddy in the fridge. 
Three times effective, because only this helps with the hangover: The clay mask cleans the pores, peels and leaves the skin healthy and fresh again. Fruit acids gently remove dead skin cells that make your skin look so gray.
The sheet mask made of bio-cellulose exposes the radiant variant of your skin: naturally fermented, vitamin-rich coconut juice invigorates and nourishes the skin, vitamin C and a herbal mix provide and for a more even complexion. Hang up, relax, pull off, done.  
Another sheetmask in this category, because the Koreans seem to know the best hangover tricks: Lemon extract brightens the skin and brings it back to life. Vitamin C stimulates the firming collagen synthesis and makes skin irregularities disappear. 
The teabags or the cold spoon you can save yourself with this mask: The collagen eye patches cool, have a decongestant and make dark circles and bags unseen. Stored in the fridge, they are the absolute hangover killer. 
Ok, we still have a secret agent in Anti-Hangover: a bubble mask. After you put the sheet mask on, it starts to foam and thousands of small foam bubbles arise, after a few minutes, selskapskjoler, the black mask is completely white because of the foam. The micro bubbles supply the skin with plenty of oxygen - rice, Japanese chestnut, khaki fruit, green tea and white mulberry liven it up. 
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