Kruger has scored 3 goals

Frontcourt, the team is expected to be adjusted Brown Bear, a group is Patrice Bergerand partner Marchand and David - Pasternak, the second group is Denton - Haining partner David - Bacchus and Levin Lee - Nash, the three groups are David - Clegg partner Ryan - Stepunner and Jack - Debrashek, the four groups are Sean - Kulari, Tim - Schmoller and Neuer - Agiaari. In the absence of Marchand, the Bears' front-of-the-line firepower is a teenager, with Bogelang, a group of NHL Coins center three goals and two assists in six of the last six games, and Pasternak with a goal and five assists but good The team's second and third striker share the star's pressure, coupled with the return of Marchand, the team is expected to re-energize the offensive end.
The backcourt, a group is Zendanuo - Chara partner Charlie - McCawai Yi, two groups is Brandon - Carlo and Tori - Kruger combination, the three groups is Matt - Gezeer Cher partner Adam - Marquardt. Kruger has scored 3 goals and three assists over the past six games, giving the team some support in both offense and defense, but the defenders still need to work harder at the attacking and defensive end. Defeated the weak Red Wings team, the performance is not satisfactory.
on February 11 at 10:58 AM

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